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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Juggernaut Series

I only unplugged one cord !  But that one little item was enough to really, really mess me up. 
My memory is still pretty good -- especially if i can find the piece of paper on which i wrote things down.  And my eyesight is pretty terrific.  Can still see well enough to thread the eye of a very small needle, even if those dratted eye-exam cards print their "h's" to look like "n's" and the "o's" greatly resemble "p's"!
However, even with a good memory and terrific eyesight, that one unplugged cord wasted hours of my time.  Who would-a done thought that the computer printer wouldn't work if it wasn't plugged in ??!!!

Ah sure now, onwards and upwards towards more interesting items.  As you know from previous posts, i've developed a grand interest in creating tall pots.  My glaze combos on said pots needs some fine tuning, but here they are with all their warts . . . .

 13 inches tall x 6 n' 1/2 inches wide.

11 n' 1/2 inches tall x 5 inches wide

Hopin' all your cords are plugged in, but if they're not, check your outlets before you panic !!!

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