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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Flowering Teapot

This is a modified "Ocean Green" glaze.  The original is a ^6 but i fire a wee bit lower than that, so modified the original to vitrify at 2200-degrees.
20  Custer feldspar
5.4 EPK
10  Neph Sye
37  Gerstley Borate
18  Silica
1.8  RIO
2.8  Rutile
3.5  Copper Carb

It's really hard to see in the photo, but there's little blue dots of color mixed in the green and brown.  Sweet glaze.  It's glossy and was applied thick.

Unfortunately, this pot, while newly glazed, was created years ago when i was still using my original clay.  It cracked on nearly every piece, which led me to change clays.
The irony?  Tho you can plainly see the crack towards the bottom of the piece -- it doesn't leak !
Happy glazing days, folks.

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