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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Slipping Greenware Pots


Was recently working with slips on greenware.  Found this charming effect. 
Use 3/8 tsp. of manganese, 2/8 tsp. black iron oxide and enough tobacco juice to make a paste.
Cover cup surface with a white slip.  I used:
15 Frit 3134
30 ground clay scraps
30 China Clay
10 Gerstley Borate
10 Zinc
5   Wollastonite
Decorate over this with the above manganese mixture
Bisque fire to 1828 with a 15 min hold
After bisqued, cover with a clear glaze -- i use Coyote Clear, and refire to 2200-degrees with a 15 min hold.
Good slipping days, folks!

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