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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Greek Teapot

Ever notice something that reminded you not so much of its function, but resembled instead, a country of origin?
The line, the body and structure, the colors -- seem to touch some universal chord which touches a subliminal memory of mankind's history especially remeniscent of a place in time?
The following teapot is such.  It's wheel thrown and altered.  As i sat at the spinning wheel that day with a lump of clay revolving on the bat in front of me, i let go of all "thought" and just let the clay work its magic into shape and form.  Even later, after the first bisque firing, as i applied the glazes -- they, more than i, dictated their direction.  Could i say they applied themselves.  Hmmm . . . you probably wouldn't believe that.  But, in essence, they did.
And so, you have before you a teapot which pours perfectly, no drops left behind on the spout after the cup is full, and which has, more or less, created itself from some distant universal memory of existence, some distant time in history, some distant place.

And who knows, maybe that mystical place was Greece in an era of  "way back when". 
                                 At least, i'd like to think so . . . .

 Happy memories, folks

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