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Thursday, September 18, 2008


Yesterday morning a miracle happened.

Tom Causey, the Project Manager, of West Pointe Electric Company, located in Victor, Idaho knocked at my door promptly at 9am. A lovely dear man with a sweet heart.

A call to his company on Tuesday evening shortly before 5pm, produced his offer: "Because I'll be in your neighborhood tomorrow morning, I can just drop by and give you a free estimate on installing a dedicated circuit breaker for your kiln."

And Bless Tom Causey -- for didn't he quote me a price i could afford !!! xxx I figure he's straight from God.
Note the recepticle slightly to the right of the kiln !!! xxx
Ain't it beautiful ???
So! Yesterday and today, glazed 2 bowls after spending most of each day cracking the books, hunting for new Cone 6 formulas.
Glazed one with what i hope will be a Copper Red reduction glaze. Yep. Am going to try the gas kiln again. Thought of a new possibility for firing it that may work.
Actually, if it hadn't-a been for Tom Causey inspiring me with new optimism by wiring the circuit breaker for the electric kiln, i wouldn't-a thought of the new system for the gas kiln!

Intriguing isn't it, how when you're bubbling with newly found optimism, ideas just flow!

Glazed the second bowl with a newly configured recipe designed for the electric kiln, hoping to produce a lavender, also applied a Cobalt Carb, Rutile and Vanadium combination which i've wanted to try, and additionally, (on the same bowl) mixed some Gum Arabic (which i've not used before) with alcohol and 1 part Copper Carb plus 5mm of water -- just to see what the results will be.
xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
OK. If it's early to rise, i'd best be off to bed. Intend to fire the electric kiln tomorrow.
Am really pretty excited about it!
Happy Kiln Days to Y'All

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