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Saturday, September 13, 2008


I'm afraid that all is lost for Obama!
Last night the pundits started labeling Palin as someone they could sit down in the back yard with and have a beer.
Exactly the same description they gave Bush and look what happened . . . .
Wish Obama would lead from the gut and share emotions. Get his audience involved. A joke or two wouldn't hurt his case at all. Most voters are not Harvard graduates (remember -- many are illiterate) and his high falutin ideas go right over their heads.
Of course, you and i would elect him because of his intelligence and ideas; but then again as seen in the Bush/Gore, Bush/Kerry campaigns -- 51% of the American voters see themselves as the "average Joe" with beer being the beverage of choice rather than champagne.


cynthia said...

Hey Chae - I read the last 4 posts and I'll have to agree with your mom, you do sound like Chicken Little in this post.

I don't believe for one minute that Obama is going to lose. He, Biden and his campaign staff has their work cut out for them for sure - to convince people to vote for them.

Unfortunately, a good portion of the voting public won't make a very good educated decision. They're swayed by one or two issues and don't bother to find out factual information about both parties. I did want to thank you for the link you shared on my blog the other day. I have been saying this all along - both parties are guilty of stretching the truth and distorting the facts. When you get right down to the meat of the matter, and look at their records it becomes very clear who the best choice is to run and represent our country.

I watched Palin's interview on ABC, Friday night and she offered nothing that we don't already know and the interviewer didn't press her even when she evaded answering his questions. I'm sure the McCain handlers would have pulled the plug if he had.

You're also right that many people vote for someone based on whether they feel they have a personal connection with the candidate. I would prefer to have a highly educated person as president - I just want the president and his staff to be able to lead smartly with sensitivity to our diverse country and I don't need to be the president's BFF. I'm sure I could sit down and have coffee with Sarah and have a great conversation mom to mom - but that doesn't mean I want her as leader of the US. I wouldn't choose a dentist/lawyer/doctor based on whether I could sit down and have coffee with them. I choose them because they know what they're doing and they're good at it.

So what am I doing about my preference for president? I talk about it on my blog, to people I meet, in emails, phone calls and whenever the opportunity presents itself. If I give one person food for thought, that I've done my part.

Sorry for the rant.

cynthia said...

PS. I should add that while I mentioned Sarah Palin as "leader of the US" - I know she's not running for president. I merely wrote that because she is a heart beat away from the position. McCain is in his 70's and has had health issues - if she were to become president by default - that would be scary. Also, if McCain were elected, she would most likely run for president after he had exhausted 2 terms.

chaetoons said...

Mornin' Cynthia
I agree with everything you are saying.
But evidently, we are in a minority. McCain is gaining ground because of Palin!
In the Charlie Gibson interview you mentioned, he asked if she thought she was qualified "to be President"? She replied: "I certainly am." Such chutzpah.
It would be a tragedy for America if McCain/Palin were elected.
But Obama isn't helping his case at all with the voters who don't vote intelligently -- and they are the ones that carried the last two elections. If a person speaks over the heads of his listeners, they tune out. They just don't listen because they don't understand the vocabulary and also because they don't understand the concepts.
Hillary knew exactly how to speak to this element of our society. But Obama does not.
Those who vote from an informed point of view are already "on his side" because we are voting on issues and have studied the records.
But we are outnumbered by those who as Bush would say: "vote from the gut" and unless (in less than 50 days) Obama can figure out how to make emotional appeals to this faction, he'll lose the election just as Kerry and Gore did.
In an aside: Palin has given the exact same speech everywhere she's spoken. And even tho reporters have called her on it -- that it's not factual and in parts a down right lie -- she continues to repeat it word for word.
Which leads one to believe, she can only memorize one speech per month or more !!!
I'm praying for Obama; tried to get a group together to stump around Idaho calling attention to the Palin discrepancies and dishonesty; but most of the people i know are retailers and don't want to jeopardize their business/incomes taking a definate stand -- which is understandable. Many of their customers are Republican!
Ah well
We'll see how it goes . . . .

cynthia said...

I know what you mean - I'm tired of apathy and also a culture of fear based political manipulation.

Good luck with your kiln - I have 1 dedicated 40 amp and 1 60 amp for each of my larger kilns.

chaetoons said...

You've hit it in a nutshell !!!
"A culture of fear based on political manipulation."
Wouldn't you think that eventually folks would recognize the political fear tactics, choose to stop the manipulation, and change their votes?