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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Stress Factor

Moving from one place where everything is set up, working and handy, to a new environment always introduces a stress factor.
One can temporize and con oneself with the platitude that the whole world has not caved in upon oneself and that this is -- just different.
But remember . . . .
My Mother knicknamed me: Chicken Little.
As i recall the story it was about a wee chickie who ran around in a panic. "The sky is falling in! The sky is falling in!"
Anyhooo . . . that is my story and i'm sticking to it.
Looks large and roomy, doesn't it?
Indeed, there was space for my wheel, tables, kilns, glaze mixing tables, chem storage shelves and tables for greenware + bisque.
It's an absolutely generic space. No view. With the garage door shut - no light. Cold.
Whoever built the house four years ago, wired the whole garage onto one circuit.
So! Moved the wheel, etc. into a 10' by 12' beige-colored room. I actually paced it off and it really is 10' x 12', altho it seems more like an 8' box with low ceilings.
To a work-a-holic lost time from work is death. The spirit dies, cries a little bit more each day.
Neither kiln was operational.
The weather turned from sunny and warm to cold, gray, rainy and dismal.
And while 37 days is not an eternity, it seemed like one.
ok. That's the half-empty glass.
Here's the half-full.
Yesterday, the gas kiln was hooked up to the propane tank.
Since it's in the attached garage, [last year's] 56-inches of snow between the house and the kiln shed won't prevent me from using it this winter.
( For those of you who, like me, are math challenged, 56-inches equals 4.66 feet !! and -- since i am 5'1" -- the ground-snow was darn near as deep as i am tall! )
Since this is an all electric house -- i won't have to chop/split wood for heat. That, in itself, is a Blessing! (Altho, after 4 years of splitting wood, i had just mastered a technique which made it easier!)
Funny, how after a major move, nothing is where it ought-a be and you have to search like the dickens to find anything. So it may take me a day or so to find my positive attitude but i'm sure it made the move and is merely stored in a box somewheres. Am pretty sure, if i keep searching, i'll find it.
In the meantime, now that one of the kilns is up and running, there's work to do:
As Donovan always says: Onwards and upwards.


Sister Creek Potter said...

I just read this this morning in Robert Genn's e-newsletter:
"You need a room with no view so imagination can meet memory in the dark." (Annie Dillard)
Thought of this post! Gay

chaetoons said...

Ah Gay. Thanks for sharing that thought. AND thanks for thinking of me!
At first glance, the quote above sounds "right on", but after-thinking it, one wonders if a room with no view is what is responsible for the "imaginative" creations currently on the market; i.e. -- all those rat-a-tat-tat crime programs shown on the major TV networks? War toys? Computor games which reward points for how many "villains" one kills?
There are "good" imaginings which fill others with light and cherry-blossom thoughts, moods, attitudes, etc.
And then there are "dark" imaginings which impose negative energy upon others.
It's been my experience, that when i gaze out a window upon lilac blooms, song-birds hopping amongst the branches, colorful butterflies fluttering playfully against a backdrop of verdant greenery that my "creations" are much nicer to behold than those produced by the dark nightmares of a windowless night.
Yet, i guess, the dark creations are valuable too as the shadow defining the substance of the light !!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I came, I saw, and then I looked again! Great stuff Chae... you have what others admire in you. A spirit full of life that the mere 20 year old today has not been taught or has otherwise forgotten! Keep it going.

chaetoons said...

Thanks anonymous.
I appreciate the good words.