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Friday, September 19, 2008

Short Note

Ha! You thought i was just kidding when i mentioned cracking the books.

Thought i'd mention briefly -- this morning as i was putting the bowl in the kiln, noticed that the section over-glazed with the Arabic Gum/copper carb mixture had completely peeled off overnight !!! It was just "sort-a" resting along the side where the bowl curves inside.
Obviously, there's more to this than just mixing the Arabic Gum with alcohol and oxides. However, with all the pottery books acquired (there's more in the case behind me), not one of them gives a detailed description of the measurements to use when trying this mixture. This technique, "they" say is also good for giving a luster surface in reduction, however, i wanted to see what it would do in oxidation.
It's currently, 1:06pm and temps in the electric kiln are 801 degrees F.

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