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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fiddlin' Around


Have recently been teaching clay classes.
Decided that having a theme would move the classes along in a somewhat orderly progression.
Chose musical instruments.
Had already started this banjo as a model for the first class, when i realized, much to my dismay, that it surpassed the abilities of the enrolled age group.
Have spent the last couple of weeks remodifying my game plan.
We're still doing musical instruments.
Just on a drastically more basic level.
Still, without the motivation of teaching classes, it would never have occurred to me to try and create a banjo !!!
The tuning pins were a bit of a logistics problem. But think i have this solved.
The next challenge is: how in the world to i prop this upright in the kiln? If it warps a'tall, i'll be in the soup.
Have a day or two to figure this out while the clay dries before bisque firing . . . .
Am just a'hopin and a'prayin that it survives both the bisque and glaze firings, and then, actually makes music !!!


mac said...

cool idea though. bravo. so have you completed the banjo? mac

chaetoons said...

Hi there Mac
Still need to fire it. Got sidetracked with preparing for and teaching the classes, then the anticipation of Will's arrival and too have never tried to bisque fire in the gas kiln, so there's a natural reluctance to do so (with the banjo) until i've bisque-fired other pieces to see if my firing method will work!