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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Glaze Combo

This is an awesome glaze combination at temps 2020°F electric oxidation firing.

50 Frit 3419
10 Neph Sye
5.5 Fireplace Ash
3 Lithium
14.7 Silica
5.4 Whiting
1 Cobalt Carb
3 Lithium
2 Tin

Apply first, then apply the following glaze over this.

52.5 Frit 3124
9 Silica
14.7 EPK
4 Lithium
10.6 Zinc
7.8 Custer feldspar
5.4 Whiting
1/2 Copper Oxide
2 Lithium
1/2 Cobalt Carbonate
2 Tin

Note: i measure in parts, using 1/8th teaspoon as a base measurement, so all of the above portions are in 1/8th tsp measurements.

Firing schedule:
200°F to 300°F
324°F to 1250°F
Full to 2000°F
Hold 15 minutes (see notes on this in previous post)
Full to 2020°F
Hold 20 minutes
Full to 900°F
Hold 40 minutes

Be aware: Both of these glazes run like crazy.
Note: by adjusting the tin oxide amounts in the additives, one can achieve different shades of blue yet with the same startling effects of the two glazes combined.

Ignore the outside of these pieces (these were all glaze tests and i usually try 3-4 per cup). Focus instead on the inside blues. Guess i oughta mention, ignore the quality of the photographs too!
For these are richly saturated blues with riverlets of blue, green, black and wee specks of pink adding a "richness" and depth to the overall finished glaze.
Happy glazing days to y'all

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