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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Glaze Worth Mentioning

If you are working in the 2020°F glaze firing range, this glaze works well. It strongly resembles a "floating blue". The color is much more saturated and a richer blue than my photo shows.
It's a high Gloss where applied thick and doesn't run. Oxidized, electric firing.
Base Glaze:
52.5 Frit 3124
14.7 Silica
3 Lithium
7.6 Zinc
7.8 Cornwall Stone
5.4 Whiting
2 Tin Oxide
2 Lithium (that's in addition to the 3 in the base glaze)
1/2 Cobalt Oxide

Note: i measure by parts. And use 1/8th tsp as a base measurement. Thus: 1/2 cobalt oxide would be: 1/2 of 1/8th tsp. Plus: i halved the above base recipe but didn't half the additives: tin, lithium and cobalt oxide.

I was seeking a pink. Spozedly lithium and cobalt oxide will produce a pink. But this didn't.
Still -- am quite pleased with the "floating blue". It's a keeper.
On the inside: Where applied thin, it's a steelish blue; the areas where 2+ coats were applied are the sections it "floated". Plus, (on the outside) where applied over a yucky chocolate brown glaze, it covered it well but the double-glaze is nothing to write home about.

Firing schedule:
200°F to 300°F
324°F to 1250°F
Full heat to 2000°F
Hold: 15 minutes
Full heat to 2020°F
Hold: 20 minutes
Full ramp speed drop to 900°F
Hold: 40 minutes

Explanation: the only reason the hold is between the 2000°F and the 2020°F, is because my Paragon kiln doesn't operate as it should and shuts itself off !!! Thus, i added an un-needed hold in order to coax it to reach 2020°F and this seems to work for this kiln. If i were firing a normal kiln, i would fire at full heat straight thru from the 1300 to the 2020°F. However, if my kiln operated correctly, i would be firing to Cone 6 !!! instead of recomputing all my glazes to the lower temp.

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