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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Old Discovery Made Anew

Even the smallest amount of Dolomite will turn a glaze matte !!!

As y'all know, i've been trying to modify all my glazes to vitrify at 2020°F.
Drew up a list of materials and oxide melting points. Dolomite's melting point is 1472°F. Now, silica's MP is on the high end of the scale at 3110°F. I was hoping that in the language of eutectics, the Dolomite would lower the melting point of the silica. Or some such thing. Actually, computed the formula a little more precisely than that.
But it's Dolomite that is the culprit here.
All 6 of the new glazes worked. But darn if they're not ugly.
An' didn't i use Dolomite in every one of them. To help bring the glaze melting point down, of course.

But even the smallest amount of Dolomite will turn a glaze surface matte . . . .
7.7 out of a 100 percent isn't very much, you know.
But just for future reference
If you want a glossy glaze
7.7% is too much.
It will give a Satin Matte glaze at best. Otherwise, just a plain ole stoney matte.

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