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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Still Experimenting

Am still fooling around with glaze calculation and experiments.
All of which have turned out too poorly to share.

Have thrown a few pots.

Been fighting the kiln trying to "be there" the exact moment it's going to quit so it can be restarted immediately with as little down-time as possible. (Boy! This is exhausting.)

Tried out the method of sandwiching 2 different-colored clays together, rolling them flat and using the created design. This was kind-a fun and i'll comment further after they dry enough to bisque fire. Have a hunch the (really pretty) "red" design is gonna come out - brown!

Signing off with great expectations for tomorrow's glaze firing


cynthia said...

Are you putting witness cones in your kiln? I keep a kiln log that tells me exactly when I start the kiln and when I up the heat (on manual) and I record when the kiln sitter shuts off. That way for future firings, I know exactly when to head out to the studio so I can catch the kiln and put it on soak.

At the guild, we also keep a log to see how long to expect it to fire.

chaetoons said...

Mornin' Cynthia
Yep! Keeping a log of everything is entirely in my nature. Think the instant i was born, (maybe before) i started keeping a journal.
Kiln seems to shut itself off consistently at 2144 degrees F. Was just about to call Paragon with detailed info when i discovered in the manual something about adjusting the thermocoupler setting.
So! Set it up 2 degrees (you realize, i haven't a clue of what that actually means!!! But thought i'd try it out + see if it works -- an 11 hour firing shouldn't take 14+ hours -- additionally shutting nearly at completion, right?
This morning was up at 3:44am loading + starting the kiln !!!
Right now am kind-a dragging . . .