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Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's Coming Along

Albeit - slowly.
But it is coming along!
Today found a bookcase at the thrift store.
$2.00! (You can't beat that with a stick.)
Now most people put books in bookshelves.
Not me !
Saw this as a perfect opportunity to organize.
All my little dabs of mixed glazes (those which work) are now stashed in categories. Blue, green, etc. And my chems are in alphabetical order !!!


Remember this bowl ? xxxx
My first attempt ever to add slip to greenware?
Finally! The results are in: xxx Raw fired it to 2167 degrees F.
And am actually kind-a enthralled with it. May even become a slip aficionado. It was easy, fast, and can be raw fired!
Now we come to a favorite cup. Out of the kiln on Tuesday after Monday's firing. It's a Rodger's Chrome-Tin Purple Glaze with a Rhodes' #15 sprayed over it.
When one holds it up no further than one nose-length away, all the little characters can be seen. The Asian bamboo hut, the dragon swimming the channel and the old Chinese man sitting on the mountain top watching the dragon.
Happy slipping folks


cynthia said...

Don't ya just love terrific finds like that? Your new work is looking good!

chaetoons said...

I do! I do!
Still, it took a whole afternoon to catalogue all those little snippets of glaze! Thank goodness i'd labeled the ingredients and merely had to look back thru my records to see what color they produced.
Do you really think so? Woke up this morning in a particularly negative mood realizing it's been over 2 years and i haven't produced anything spectacular yet . . . .
But i really do appreciate your encouragement.

Natalie -- NKP Designs said...

I love love love your mug!

chaetoons said...

Thanks Natalie !!!
When it first came out of the kiln, i thought it was rather blah. But upon closer inspection, i fell in love with it too !!!