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Friday, April 11, 2008

Quick Question

How many of you enjoy throwing "off the hump" more than other methods?
And if you are throwing off the hump - do you find your work is more creative than when you throw from the bat upwards?

Just wondering . . . .


cynthia said...

I only throw off the hump with small things, but I'm not sure I'd say I really enjoy it. It just makes more sense than centering little bits of clay for each and every piece.

chaetoons said...

When i posted the above had just finished throwing the most miraculous piece - off the hump.
It's one the first truly "creative" pieces i've thrown and was so delighted, wondered if others were experiencing this too . . . .
Will post a pix of it soon (computor is acting up and it's a real pain to do photos !)