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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Flowers N Slip

There ought-a be a play on words with the above title. And i'd play with it too, ceptin' my mind's tired and there's still a lot of studying to do tonight. Also hope to throw a couple more pots.

The flower arrangement consists of the flowers bought at Michael's. This is but a temporary visual for truly, they were purchased as glazing aids. Just couldn't resist taking a photo of them while they exist in this arrangement.

Last night, for the first time in 2 years, tried slip glazing. Have read about it before, but must admit, was so busy trying to learn everything else, paid scant attention to this aspect of pottery.

It was fun!


Now let's keep our fingers crossed that my configurations were correct and that it glazes out well. This is all new territory for me and there's many a slip betwixt thought and the kiln.
Here's to new glazing adventures


theysaywordscanbleed said...

that's a beautiful arrangement.

West Bremerton florist

cynthia said...

Love the slip painting - it looks so carefree!

chaetoons said...

Thanks Arlene and Thanks Cynthia !!!
The flower arrangement was fun to do and a "spirit uplifter". Am trying to figure out how i can "keep" the flower arrangement yet use the individual flowers & curly stalks as glaze applicators - simultaneously!
Cynthia - the slip painting was pretty "carefree"! The slip was probably too wet and ran into the other color faster than i wanted it to! Actually had a design in mind but it ran away as the two slips slid all over the place!