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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Rick Dillingham. By golly, that fellow had courage! He upset the traditional concept of pottery, marketed it, and became well known and respected.
Don't believe i'll follow his precedent however. It often takes me days working on one piece to get it "just right". It would break-a my heart to follow his example.
Check out Garth Clark's article on Dillingham at:

And if you haven't already viewed this, or are new to throwing on a wheel, Charles Smith has this terrific video (wheel demonstration):

When first learning to throw, watched this video quite a bit and it really helped. Smith has several other videos (which are listed on this page)on pottery techniques.

Hey! Have a Happy Holloween. For myself, i may sit in Linus' pumpkin patch . . . or put a supper on and tease the trick-n-treaters as they knock on the door.

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