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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Interesting Info

Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Transferred from Spritely Spoofs

Found this info at:

Quick tip for cracked greenware from the Summer 2006 Newsletter:
Magic Water: to a 1 gallon jug of water add 3 TBS Sodium Silicate and 5 grams soda ash. Use the water to create a strong joint with broken pieces, handles, etc. -Submitted by Richard Barker

Glass Fused to Pottery:
Glass should be fired in two stages.
First a fuse fire to blend the colors together into a flat piece. For a fuse fire (remember this works for Bullseye. Other brands may be different.) Adding clay means at least one more step to bisquefire the clay.
Fuse Fire the Glass Room temp to 1100 at 400 degrees an hour
1100-1300 at 250 degrees an hour
1300-1480 as fast as possible then hold 10 minutes
1480 to 950 as fast as possible (Flash vent is best)
950 -750 at 150 degrees per hour.
Let kiln cool naturally to room temp before opening (Okay 200 degrees if you are impatient like me.)
Prepare the clay piece. I have been doing a bisque fire to 06 then saggar fire to color the piece. The saggar fire colors are not harmed by the slump fire for the glass.
Slump Fire the Glass
Place the fused glass on the pottery inside the kiln. Use a release agent if you want to remove the glass after firing then attach with glue, or other methods. However, it does not stick well even without any release agent.
Room temp to 1100 degrees at 400 degrees per hour
1100-1300 as fast as possible hold for 5-20 minutes until the glass slumps (keep an eye on it through the peep)
1300-950 flash vent to stop the slump
950-750 at 150 degrees per hour
750 down, allow kiln to cool naturally.
Give it a try. -Dawn

Haven't tried these techniques myself yet, but the information is posted by pottery teachers so thought it would be reliable.

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