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Saturday, October 27, 2007


Wednesday, October 03, 2007
Transferred from Spritely Spoofs

One never realizes how much one's been fighting until there's no resistance.

My clay order from Kickwheel Pottery near Atlanta arrived yesterday. Couldn't mess with it then for the propane tank fellow was spoze to arrive shortly to deliver a large tank for the gas kiln. It was a toss-up which interested me more -- the tank or the new clay.


Today, starting with a chunk of it on the wheel. OOOOO-EEEEE !!!! I am so pleased with this clay. It's #271 and throws like a dream.When i began working with clay, a year ago (almost), had no clue how different clays responded. And being a loyal customer to companies providing good and fast service, saw no reason to switch from my current pottery supplier. Except, after i'd eliminated all other possible errors, it dawned on me that perhaps the clay was the culprit -- sometimes it worked well and pieces came out and sometimes -- it didn't.

Haven't bisque nor glost fired this clay yet, so don't know how it will hold up under fire -- but if its throwing compatibility is any indication of its firing capacity -- it should do very well.

Now, of course, there's one wee problem. The supplier, Kickwheel Pottery, is clear across the country and shipping charges nearly did me in on just 50 pounds! Above is another bisqued piece which i haven't had the courage to glost fire (my success rate in glazing is pretty much 30-1) and one successful cup isn't a very good average!

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