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Friday, April 15, 2011

Uninspired But Functional

The title says it all.  The underlying glaze had enough slippery-slidey fluxes in it to make all my painstakingly applied "flowers" and "stems" blur into a pastel Monet-type visual.  Haven't a clue where the pinkish hue came from in the underlying glaze as the ingredients just didn't support the color.
Soooo . . . here it is:  uninspired but functional.  A nesting set of dishes -- largest is 8 inches by 2 n' 1/2 inches deep;  the medium sized one is: 6 n' 7/8's inches by 2 n' 1/4 inches deep and the smallest is:  5 n' 1/4 by 1 n' 6/8ths inches deep.  Measured the width at the narrowest point.  Add 2 inches to the size to include the handles.

Happy stacking dish days, folks

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