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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kiln Opening

When i first subscribed to, their photo uploader was excellent.  I could put photos in the order i wanted them with proper visual spacing.  Then during the summer my computer went down and it's taken me this long to replace the computer, only to discover that blogger changed its photo application perimeters !!!  This new system stinks !!!  Find myself spending more time just trying to get photos to display the way i want them than it did to film the photos, off-load them from the camera and download them to the computer and disk !!!  Am so frustrated right now for i've spent the last 20 minutes just trying to get the photos to upload in the series of occurrances !!!

This is the first time i've thought to take photos of a completed bisque firing in the inside of the kiln!  This load had several tall pots, so it was loaded to accomodate those.  There were 3 layers of pots on the other side of them.  Fired to 1828 degrees yesterday.  Unloaded shortly before noon today.


 Third Layer

Second layer

Bottom layer.
Happy Kilning Days Folks

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