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Monday, April 4, 2011

Rhodes' Glazes

For Joel
Rhodes' #18 is a ^6 Satin Matte base:
45   Custer feldspar
15   Frit 3134
25   EPK (kaolin)
15   Dolomite
5     Gerstley Borate
5    Barium Carbonate
Can use a variety of colorants with this, particularly cobalt (5%) and mixtures of copper and rutile.  Very good with #15 over the top.

Rhodes' #15  Smooth Opalescent ^6 Base:
25   Frit 3134
45   Custer feldspar
20   Gerstley Borate
10   EPK (kaolin)
A smooth, glossy glaze. 

I'm not particularly partial to matte glazes, so i always use the #15 gloss over the #18 for the glossy effect.
I'm not sure at this moment what the web-address for John Post is, but am pretty sure it's listed in the side bar somewhere's as i'm most impressed with his recipes.  Also, way back in the archives, you'll find 2 of his recipes which worked well together for me and produced reds.
Good luck, Joel
Chae (Lee Ellis)

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