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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Recent Experiment

Recently, have been doing my best to develop glazes. Success with the Rhodes #18 and his #15 glazes (They are a dream to add coloring oxides to! ) gave me the courage to branch out and see what special effects could be obtained.

Am using an electric kiln with an oxidation atmosphere. Firing to Cone 5 (2167 degrees F) with a 15 minute hold.

Without further ado, here is one of my recent experiments.
Having read that silicon carbide over copper oxide will produce "reds" in oxidation, decided to try this out. Applied a wash of copper, then added a layer of silicon carbide mixed with CMC. The cmc was used in order to get the silicon carbide to stick to the cup !!! xx Covered all with Rhodes #18 + Tin Oxide which i usually use for white.
Observation: No reds. Rough texture. White turned blue.

Next: on the inside of the same cup, applied a layer of Rhodes #18 + Tin Oxide. Then applied a layer of salt diluted with water (as a wash) over the Rhodes. Thirdly: applied another layer of the Rhodes over the salted solution. Was trying for an inglaze affect. Made some swirls with my "lavender" and covered all with 2 layers of Rhodes #15 as i always do.
Result: xxxxxxxxxxx
Expected: an orange peel effect
Observation: No obvious difference with the salted solution between the layers.

Note: Silicon Carbide "jumps". It transferred from the outside of this cup to the inside; also jumped into another cup, and there was a spot of it on the kiln wall!

Happy Experimenting folks !!!

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