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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Quick Note

Where did all my creative energy go?
It flew away. Flew away.

Somewhere to a sunshine land blossoming with Spring flowers and songbirds chirping merry melodies. Where the days are balmy and the night time skies sport a full moon; where couples dance rag-time waltzes by the light of twinkling stars and women still wear dresses which billow in the gentle breeze.

So! In its absence have been making cups. Which about says it all . . . .

However, have indulged one piece of creativity.
And here it is:
A double-walled pitcher.
It was fun to do, except the outer wall was about to collapse on me so brought it together before achieving quite the concept i had in mind. Wanted it fatter! With the outside folding in rather than the inside slanting outwards.
For a first attempt, it's not terribly bad. Eh?

Another hour to go before i can check the kiln and see how my "red" experiments turned out. Didn't feel quite up to par Sunday when i was trying to wrap my mind around chemical combinations -- so will actually feel lucky if any color turns out !!!


Cynthia said...

Very cool design Chae - I have not tried very many double walled pieces.

chaetoons said...

Thanks Cynthia
I've tried 2 or 3. This is the first one that came out!
Am having better luck with the double-walled than with the bottles. Can shape them nicely on the outside (it's fun to see how tall the neck will go) but they're heavier than sin (i tug + tug, lift + lift and finally am able to raise them off the table)!
Have been checking your new blog regularly. Keep getting a notice screen that site is unavailable. Will switch the links here as soon as the new one is all situated . . . .
Hugs and have the greatest day, bar none, greatest day!