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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Quick Thought

May have found my Orange!
Glazed pieces this afternoon and will put them in the kiln tomorrow morning. It won't be clear until Thurs afternoon around 5pm whether this works or not, but had a brainstorn (you know how those go!) that if i mixed Vanadium with Titanium in an alkaline base we'd get orange . . . .
Also tried mixing Praseodymium with Titanium and applied to the outside of the same piece.
Am so excited - am thinking i just may have found the oxide combination which will work for this color.
The vanadium + titanium even looked peachy as i applied it !!!

Happy glazing Everyone


cynthia said...

Good luck with your glaze tests! A friend of mine developed a "Fiesta Orange" glaze - I'll have to see if I can find the recipe. I'm not sure if she used oxides or an ecapsulated stain.

Sister Creek Potter said...

I can't wait to see what you get. I spent weeks working on orange for pumpkins one year. After MANY attempts I got the orange I wanted--I still have orange pumpkin bowls left over! And I don't think I could get the orange again if my life depended on it! Funny how we get hooked on something...can't wiat to see what you get! Gay

chaetoons said...

Cynthia and Gay
I can't wait to see what happens either. It will be a real test of patience to wait 20 hours after kiln has shut off to see the results !!!
Here's hopin' and with my fingers crossed . . . .