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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Can Hardly Wait

Was going to glaze fire at a reasonable time yesterday, but Doug Iverson, the weatherman on NBC, predicted late afternoon thunder and lightening storms.  I just plainly, without a doubt, hate to fire the kiln when lightening bolts surround the house.  And Doug -- well, 80% of the time his predictions are right on target.
However, he didn't hit the target yesterday.  Sure, there was a bit of soft Spring rain. 
No roaring thunder
No lightening strikes
Silly me -- i tuned into the ABC news/weather at 4:45pm.  She said: a low pressure to the west moving our way.  More storms and predictable thunder storms.  Tuned into the NBC weather at 5pm.  Doug said a high pressure to the west and clearing skies today through but evening storms.
Decided to take a chance . . . .

Started the kiln at 11:20pm last night and sat up the whole night thru watching the digital readout do its thing.
6:31 -7am this morning and i could hardly see straight but the load completed.  No thunder, no lightening.
Can hardly wait til tomorrow morning to see these pieces  . . . .
Happy Glaze firing days, folks

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