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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Out of the Kiln

"Bamboo Teapot" which came out looking more like a rusty old pot than i would have liked.

Vinegar and oil jug that's not too shabby. Wasn't trying for art deco but may have achieved it with this one.

Standard cups. Was disappointed. For even with the copper oxide wash, the carved, extremely detailed handles lost distinction. Need to work harder on this.


Sister Creek Potter said...

Well, that was a happy opening! And what great colors you got. Love the teapot. Gay

chaetoons said...

Thanks Gay !!!
I am really tickled with the blues for they are intermingled with reds, oranges and browns. Really pretty to the eye but hard to photograph.

cynthia said...

You did get some really nice colors! I like your teapot handle :)

Bummer about the lost detail on the mug handles....

chaetoons said...

Mornin' Cynthia
Have tried several ways to darken the detail under the glazes. Sometimes the copper oxide works but just as often it doesn't !!! Am still trying to figure this out. Have a hunch, i'll have to use clear glazes over the oxides?

Sister Creek Potter said...

Chae, I am waiting for your snail-mail address so I can mail you some mylar. I tried my hand at it today. I had trouble rolling the cone--Charan makes it looks so easy. Then there is the issue of the slip--how thick etc. BUT it did work and I think it is promising. I am going to go back and look at his demo agai, see if I missed some trick in rolling the tube. Gay