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Friday, January 29, 2010

Some Results

Trust me ! It's been an uphill struggle, but i think we're close to the top !!!
Scuze my long abscence please.
My computer's been acting up . . . .
Have been firing every day . . . .
Glazing every day . . . .
Trying out new color combos . . . .
Here are some pretty poor photos and a really beautiful pot . . . .
( Should redo the photos but need to run check on the kiln, so here they are with all their warts.) Sides that - it's a bit challenging to photograph mostly black pots !
Have a greatest day


Sister Creek Potter said...

I have been missing you--and worrying about you a bit. So delighted to see you've been well and busy! The post is grand--but looks blue and red on my computer--can't find the black! But I know what cameras/monitors do to colors of glazes! I have not been so productive as you, but am into some new stuff for me so lots of experimenting and researcing! Good luck with the next load, too! Fondly, Gay

chaetoons said...

Mornin' Gay !!!
Yes. I've been firing every single day since Dec. 9th (except for Sundays) when i finally figured out how to fire the gas kiln to Cone 6 temps !!!
Had a backlog of a whole year's work waiting to be bisqued and glazed.
On this black pot -- that's the beauty of it -- one of my new glaze combos produces black with variated blues and reds. It's really pretty. Have used it now on 3 different pieces and the combination consistently produces fascinating colors.
One of these first days will photograph a series of the new glaze combos and post them. It just takes so much time to do so and have been working each day from 8am til 10:44pm on glazing and firing !!!
Am glad to hear you are experimenting and researching. That's great !!!
Have to run out to garage to check kiln so am sending
Heaps o Hugs