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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Up at 3am this morning, to try just one more time to get the little Paragon's cooperation!
Found a glaze firing schedule produced by the Paragon company themselves, which i thought i'd try before chucking the whole Cone 5 venu and remodifying all my glazes to lower temps.
The paragon schedule gallops at high temps up to 1120°F, then crawls slowly to whichever cone completion you're seeking.
Seems backwards to me.
Still . . . . if i didn't try it, how would i know that it didn't work?

The kiln didn't like the Paragon firing schedule any more than i did !!! Shut itself off around 1910°F instead of its usual 2112°F. Yet, true to its own personality quirks, when it was immediately restarted, the onry puppy completed to 2167°F. Of course, you had to be sitting there, nose to nose with the rascally critter, to catch the exact moment it would shut itself off !
Remodifying my glazes it is.
It's worth the effort, eh? Unless i want to sit thru another winter, eyeballing the digital readout dressed in 3 sweaters, an Alaskan parka, mittens and muluc boots trying to catch the exact moment it decides to misfire.
I'm sure there are other possibilities. Just haven't thought of them yet. An' sure now, isn't experimentation a grand pursuit?

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