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Friday, July 31, 2009

Susan Harris


Susan Harris held a workshop here last weekend and i am delighted that she did !!!

Sometimes an artist's work and techniques are so inspiring that after the workshop ends, one just can't wait to get to their own wheel and see how much they actually learned from the person teaching.
Such was the case after Susan's demo.
And here is the result.
Thank you Susan for coming. And thank you for sharing. It's quite awe inspiring to learn techniques from a Master Potter.
I want to thank Cynthia Guild Stoetzer for organizing and hosting this event. Cynthia is awesome !!! She is putting her heart and soul into building up the Teton Arts Council's pottery department.
And she is doing a great job.
Bravo Cynthia. And you have my heartfelt appreciation.
Have a very best creative day everyone!

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