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Monday, February 16, 2009

Coupl' l'items

Should have twelve-hundred-and-forty-two words to share with y'all, but strangely, can think of only one or two !!! Haven't a clue why rising and shining (well . . . perhaps not shining ) at 3am does that to me -- leaves me speechless. Since i'm generally pretty wordy, some folks might see this as a blessing.
OK. First photos. Have read about making clay stamps by rolling out a slab of clay, then impressing designs into the flat surface, then rolling the textured clay into a cylinder. Skip the bisque fire step and go straight for glazed clay temps.
Did that.

Haven't tried using it yet as i've been focused on glazing. Have taken myself in hand and decided to glaze, glaze, glaze until all the waiting bisqued pieces are color-coated and out of the kiln as finished pieces. Speaking of which, here's the latest out of the kiln.


I'm on a roll folks and the weather is co-operating. So there will be more photos soon.
In the meantime
Happy glazing days to y'all

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