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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Spaz Thoughts Not Necessarily In A Formulated Order

Thought just occurred to me: even though you know you are registered to vote in the November elections, check with your local county clerk and make sure you are !!!
I've voted here in Teton county for 4 years, so i paid no attention to this. However, some fribbling sub-thought kept prompting me to call and make sure i was still registered. Seems that because of the move across town which is only a few blocks from where i lived before, i had to re-register!
This election is too important to let such a small detail slide: so! call your county clerk and check it out.
Spent the whole weekend moving furniture.
(Initially) Had originally set up shop in the garage. That didn't work. Too cold. Too dark. No view.
(1st move) Moved the pottery wheel to the "boxy room" where there are windows and morning light. Moved the glazing chems and apparatus to the dining room. No inspiration in this arrangement.
Bought 22 cookbooks ( on sale five for a dollar) and baked up a slew of European pastries.
(2nd move) Moved the glazing chems, etc. to the boxy room and the wheel out to the dining room. Found that the energy of the boxy room will work for detailing pots, adding handles, etc. (haven't tried to glaze in there yet)
BUT -- the dining room is just too dark to throw enlightened pots. Messed up 3 chunks of clay trying to work there.
Read some of the cookbooks. Cooked up a slew of Asian wok recipes and other meat/vegi confabulations including a rather tasty dill sauce for zucchini.
(3rd move) Rearranged the living room furniture and moved the wheel into the living room. We'll see how that works. So far it seems promising.
The profession of furniture moving was never one to pique my interest, however recently, i've become most adept at it. If i applied at an official moving company for the position of furniture mover at least i could get a paycheck! However, with the economy the way it is, it might be pretty slim pickings for i suspect that not that many people are currently moving . . . .

One of Obama's recent statements caught my attention: "Of the 3 people i'd like most to share a meal with -- one would be my grandmother." He went on to say that she recently expressed the sentiment that most people view older folks as ( paraphrasing here) fragile, feeble, decrepit, geriatric.
"But," she said. "Inside I am the same youngster i've always been. I just seem to be housed in a body that's falling apart."
This weekend while moving furniture, i was strongly thinking of Obama's grandmother.

It's my point of view that very modern houses lack character. But, i'm finding that just plainly ain't so. ( Sorry about using Palin's colloquialisms. It really bums me out that she's messing up the genre for the rest of us. Since i have a few years on her, it was mine to use originally. But now, it seems like shades of Palin's false down-homeyness when i do !!!)
Take for instance, the master bathroom's convenience -- latrine, john, can, privy, jerry throne, thunder mug -- call it what you will.
Now, it has character.
Normally, it flushes just fine. All day long. Flip the handle, water goes down, tank re-fills and it shuts off.
Until early the next morning.
Nature calls and afterwards one runs back to bed, jumps under the warm, snuggly covers to study a bit of scripture and write out Thank You's to our Universal Creator for the neat occurrances of the day before. This is a very quiet pursuit. A time of quiet contemplation. Ah . . . let me repeat that . . . quiet contemplation.
This porcelain installation decides to re-fill. Re-fill. It continues to re-fill. And re-fill. It won't shut off.
The sound of trickling water is fine in a water fountain. But somewhat blasphemous from a lavatory first thing in the morning.
But the durn thing has character.
Exactly seven point three minutes after i'm up and dressed, having voiced its opinion of the quality of the coming day, it pipes down, shuts off, and . . . . . . . .
Operates perfectly the rest of the day.
Yep! Modern houses may not have history on their side, but they do have character.

It's a great gray, molten-leaden sky here overlaying the day with the promise of snow. Winter didn't release us from its clutches this year until the first day of summer! And here it is again intruding on our Fall.
So my hat's off to global warming. It sounds like a mighty fine idea that will bring warmer temperatures and the return of the sunshine.


Sister Creek Potter said...

I have lots of cookbooks, too. The difference between you and me is that I read them while you cook from them!! All that cooking--who comes to dinner?
I wish you could fix up your garage to be a studio. Ours works so well--but we are in a milder climate, I guess. It gets HOT in the summer but a little 99 dollar A/C kept us very comfortable. We only have spots of cold weather--usually not more than 2 or 3 days in a row. So a little electric heater works if we HAVE to be out there when it is cold. I would not be happy to have my wheel in the living room. And the short time that my electric kiln was down was very discouraging to me.
I hope you find a solution that keeps you in the clay--you do such neat things with it!
Good luck., Gay

chaetoons said...

Truly Gay, a garage would be the ideal place to work. But currently, the temperatures out there (and it's attached to the house) require a coat and mittens!

I seem to be suffering from a massive case of utter depression. Even very simple things require effort beyond contemplation. Am trying really hard to improve my attitude but the weather is not co-operating. Gray skies and snow are not mood elevators. Except perhaps to those who ski.
And too, perhaps it's this time of year . . . my husband died on Sept 30th just before our wedding anniversary of Oct. 10th. True -- it was many many years ago but the season still catches me with extreme and utter depression. This house is just one more additive to the condition.
Ah sure now and someday the sun will shine.
Perhaps i should move to Texas?