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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wash Results Continued

Coated one-half of this one with a Potassium Nitrate Wash before applying glaze. Coated the other half with a Rutile/Frit 3134 Wash. Also drew vertical stripes using a Red Iron Oxide wash; applied more stripes using a Red Art, Red Iron Oxide + Frit 3110 Wash.
None of this is visible in the finished cup !!!
Used a simple Lead Bisilicate/Wollastonite/Custer/Potassium Bichromate glaze over the washes which works great at temps of 1750 and 1832 degrees F.
On the outside applied one layer of glaze base (without the potassium bichromate) then brushstroked a heavy layer of Rutile/Frit 3134 Wash on one side and Barium Sulfate/Frit3124 Wash on the other side.
Close up of the colors:
While these are not total disasters, i'm not dancin' a jig over them either. Need to learn a lot more about "washes". It just seems like such a long learning process !!!
Yesterday's "red" wash turned out green. So! It's being refired today. More about that tomorrow . . . .
Great and Happy Wash Days to y'all

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